Land For Sale

11492-Cowart Mountain Rdtract-grayed.jpg

Come be my neighbor….

I am about to resurvey my property by combining tracks, and I have decided to consider selling 6-12 acres if it felt right. Will not consider any track division smaller than that.

You can see the approximate location of Dickerson Hill Cabin down by the water. I am considering selling the grayed out area, some or all of it depending on the projected intended use. I have debated on putting Tiny Homes on the property to rent alongside Dickerson Hill Cabin, selling to have someone else build a getaway home, or have someone buy to make it their permanent residence, and I figured the best thing is to see options before I decide.

The entire track does have running water on the property which is a hard thing to find! It truly is a special place, and a particular area is a level up by the road with a builder already looking at the track with a perfect spot to build if that is something you are looking to do.

More information or inquires email